journey to oasis

The second ENJJOIN collection is titled Journey To Oasis. It represents the daily struggle to improve and the countless times of getting up after a setback to reach one's desired goal.

enjjoin connects creators, athletes and visionaries from all different backgrounds. Let's strive for greatness together.


All of our garments are handcrafted by a family-owned clothing factory in Portugal. We lay high emphasis on fair and sustainable production. Before and after every collection our team makes the way there to ensure close cooperation and quality standards.


All of our designs are made in-house in close contact with our production and are based on our current collection topic. After designs are final, the sampling process begins and is iterated until the product is perfect for production.


We are two best friends that grew up together. With this project we realized the opportunity to express ourselves creatively and found a community of likeminded creators, athletes and visionaries. This is only the beginning.