Fashion labels love to define themselves as “more than a brand, but a lifestyle and way of living”. It is an easy strategy to use empty phrases in a mission statement to simulate realness.

But what does “more than a brand” actually mean? For us, it means to realize our responsibility and make use of the voice we have been given. We’ve all seen the extreme misery Ukrainians have been going through since end of February now. It is impossible to fathom how hard it must be on people that have lost their home and family members.

Internally, we discussed the topic thoroughly. What can we do? How can we do it? How will people react? At the end of the day, we decided to just do it. At 9PM, we facetimed our production team in Portugal. They were on board immediately and helped brainstorm with us. Within 20 hours after the initial idea we had set-up a campaign for the T-Shirt and released the product on the webshop.

We received a lot of support within our community and were able to donate 1250€ to the Verein der deutsch-ukrainischen Zusammenarbeit e.V.

This is how we want ENJJOIN to be. No unnecessary bureaucracy, no useless formalities, just a small young team and an idea we wanted to bring to life fast. Thank you for making this donation possible.

We move!

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Such a good initiative! Well done guys.

Daisy March 07, 2022

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