Back in December 2020, we started the design process of our High Roller series. Ever since the release of our first ever T-Shirt, we have been continuously reinventing ourself. Being able to lead and develop a brand is a huge privilege, but also comes with a mass of challenges and learnings. They say the only constant is change.

First ENJJOIN High Roller Tee in April 2021

First ENJJOIN High Roller T-Shirt in April 2021.

ENJJOIN Halloween T-Shirt

Second ENJJOIN High Roller T-Shirt "Halloween Edition"

ENJJOIN High Roller "Valentine"

Third ENJJOIN High Roller T-Shrt "Valentine"

The Human Relict T-Shirt is the 4th edition of our High Roller series. The High Roller concept has always been daring, confident and bold. This all combined is printed onto a garment-washed black t-shirt. Handmade in Portugal.

ENJJOIN Human Relict T-Shirt

The new iteration is titled “Human Relict” and refers to the “technologization” of today’s society. The world seems to be moving faster than ever, AI is seemingly taking over and only a few things still seem real, passionate and authentic - Human Relict.

Whereas the concept is held in kind of a dystopian look into the future, it also acts as a reminder for us that we should not forget what makes us unique and human and embrace these values.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, to be human and dare to be unique.

The Human Relict T-Shirt will be available this Halloween 31.10.2023.