Why we produce in Portugal

We get this question a lot. A lot. To us it was never an active choice, but something that was clear from the beginning.

1) Transparency
We want you to know where your clothes come from. Portugal's strict regulations and transparent supply chain were one of the key decision factors. Like this, we can ensure an ethical supply chain from our concept to your closet.

2) Durability
ENJJOIN clothing is made to last. Portuguese craftsmanship ensures that every piece is created with precision and care, resulting in garments that stand the test of time.
Every two months we visit our factoriy to learn more about fabrics, new finishing techniques and to catch up with our partners.

3) Sustainability
Portugal's commitment to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with our eco-conscious mission. We are proud to partner with manufacturers that prioritize ethical production, use eco-friendly materials and minimize waste.
Our print partner for example, saves rainwater to be re-used during the printing process.

4) It was never a choice
ENJJOIN is in it for the long run. WHile higher margins generated by producing in developing countries might benefit us short-term, it is not what we stand for.
Just because people turn a blind eye to human rights violations in textile production, does not mean it''s not happening.
We can proudly guarantee that everybody involved in the ENJJOIN production process is treated well and paid fairly. This will always be the case.

F*** short-term profits, this is something bigger. And we're not done yet.

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